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Edge Estimates provides construction takeoff services in Texas & Dallas at competitive rates. Construction takeoff services include an in-depth measurement of materials and labor required to complete a construction project. It is carried out by breaking down the project into smaller units that are easier to estimate. This measurement and estimation is completed during the pre-construction phase, and makes a project more organized and do-able. You can utilize our extensive experience to add value to your project, saving both time and money. 

We use the latest advanced systems to create estimates and to provide a shared format for all estimates at all stages of the project, starting from budgeting, conceptual estimating to final construction. 

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Benefits for Utilizing Takeoff Services

There are various benefits for utilizing our construction takeoff services. Firstly, our hi-tech takeoff program produces accurate results, relatively much faster than the traditional method. Secondly, utilizing our services will save you the cost of purchasing the expensive estimation software and personnel to operate it. Our cost estimates are accurate, not too high and not too low. Inaccurate estimates can have an adverse effect on the management of the budget and time assessment. Moreover, we believe in working closely with our clients. Therefore, we share files in a format that is accessible to all and any change is visible to everyone involved. Last but not least, the experience and commitment of our estimating team is our winning factor that has enabled us to gain a huge customer base. 

There is no substitute for the quality we deliver for all stages of cost analysis and projection. This will definitely keep you ahead of your competition and will make you gain more projects! 

Construction Takeoff Services in LA

Whatever the kind of construction project it is, construction takeoff services are equally important for all types of projects. If it is a type of building that has repetitive spaces, for example hotels, apartments, classroom buildings, hospitals, etc, doing takeoffs for each and every room can be quite time-consuming using the manual method. However, the construction takeoff software along with skilled personnel enable a quick yet accurate estimation. 

Similarly, It can be really frustrating to identify changes between drawings, especially revised drawings that are not properly marked. If you try to do that manually, you would spend hours trying to identify all the differences. With the help of takeoff service, a technological approach makes it possible to even highlight the additions and removals that happened between the revisions.  

Your bids are dependent on the quality of estimates and your estimates are dependent on the takeoffs. With our takeoff solutions, you will be able to organize and manage plan sheets conveniently. Digital takeoffs allow the estimators to get accurate measurements for various parameters such as volume, surface areas, height, etc. This has considerably reduced the uncertainty associated with the accuracy of measurements and corrections. Hence, it is of utmost importance to get precise takeoff quantities, as it  will lead to more reliable estimates and more profitable bids. 


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