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Edge Estimates possess a lot of technical knowledge and experience with structure steel cost estimation & Offers best Structure Steel Cost Estimation Services in USA. Here we work closely with our metal fabricators and steel erectors to come up with an accurate estimate for the project. Our estimate will help you to plan financing and timeframe accordingly. 

A reliable and accurate estimate is impossible without materials takeoff. We make sure to deliver the right price quote for the project, using the deep knowledge of the exact quantity of the raw material or structural steel products required for the fabrication. The expert structural steel estimators at Edge Estimates are skilled enough to read technical data from the drawings and plans. In addition to this, they are aware of all the minute details of the fabrication process. So, they take in consideration each and every aspect while estimating the cost. The accuracy and reliability of our estimation report comes from the fact that we have in-house steel fabricators whose input is incorporated in the estimation process. 

 At edge Estimates, we calculate the labor costs, including ironworkers, welders, and erection costs. Whether it is a renovation, rebuilding, or remodeling project, we can help you with it. 

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Structure Steel Cost Estimation Dallas

Construction project cost includes the cost of transportation of structural steel structures to the site. Other equipment and materials also have to be transported to the site. We also offer Structure Steel Cost Estimation in Dallas & LA. Therefore, our estimation team will also include and figure out the transportation costs to offer a precise estimate for your project.

 An important aspect of structural steel estimating is the time frame and schedules. We determine the length of the project and its stages as well, and then schedules are established accordingly. Using the estimation service enables financial clarity and predictability of the construction projects. As a result, construction projects can be managed within a definite timeline, which is ofcourse good for both customer and the contractor. When there is a   sound time map, you can clarify your expectations and establish accountability in accordance with the time map. 

Our agile and efficient team delivers the best estimates and takeoff services, using the modern software and tools. We ensure competitive results at competitive rates. Our top priority is to save the money and time of our valuable clients.  

Benefits of Structural Steel

Structural steel is a cost-effective option that enhances the value of the project. Its higher strength-to-weight ratio leads to lower foundation costs. Also, steel framing reduces labor hours, as it can be constructed faster. Last but not least, steel framing systems are adaptable, especially if the project is modified or expanded. 

You can add to the cost-effectiveness and quality of structural steel projects by availing estimation services. It will assist you with streamlining the project and making it even more cost-effective and organized. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us for an unparalleled level of structure steel cost estimation in LA. We work at our client’s convenience and offer competitive rates! 


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