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Edge Estimates are the Licensed Construction Estimators in USA – who provides cost estimation and quantities take-off services to general contractors, subcontractors, homeowners and builders. Keeping in view the needs of the market of busy contractors for an accurate estimate, we brought together THE best team who is agile and efficient in delivering the best estimates and takeoff services. With the use of modern software and tools, we ensure competitive results for our valuable clients saving their money and time.
We have been serving our clients for many years and takes pride in providing satisfactory estimation and quantities take-off services
You can rely on us for any kind of estimate service as we always look forward to accepting new challenges and help you through the whole process of bidding and getting projects at maximum possible profit.
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Licensed Construction Estimators in LA & Dallas

You will be shocked to know that now you can easily get a maximum number of cost estimation services from Edge Estimates. As you are getting various different cost estimation services from a single company, we call ourselves a one-stop shop for all types of construction cost estimation services in USA. From residential to commercial, you can get all sorts of cost estimation services. And whether you are a contractor, sub-contractor, builder, or homeowner, we are here to provide our estimation services for all.

At Edge Estimates, we have a certified, licensed, and qualified team. They are well versed and due to their years of experience; they can provide you with accurate and precise cost estimation services. We provide them with a detailed breakdown, so our clients can easily know about the process and can make a plan to complete the project accordingly. And we are always there for their support.

Our services are timely, precise, and detailed. And we always make sure that our clients have the best services in town. We offer cost estimation for construction, MEP, landscape, demolition, interior & exterior finishing, and any other services that are a must for construction. Along with the cost estimation services, we also provide our clients with recommendations for material, labor, and places from where they can get the material which can help them save money.

We take pride in providing the best services and for that, we leave no stone unturned. Try out our services today and complete your projects with big profit margins and on time.


Most frequent questions and answers

Help in getting the right idea about the feasibility of the project beforehand and fixing the price after with appropriate margins.

Costing refers to ascertaining the actual cost. Estimating, in contrast to costing, refers to ascertaining—in advance—the probable cost of manufacturing an article, completing a contract, or executing a process in the near future.

Helps the project owners in establishing the feasibility and sustainability of the project, the profit potential can be estimated for the investor, and knowing the cost of materials and labour can help in making the right decisions more often than none and can prove to be crucial for the project success.

Helps in planning accurately, creates chances to increase profit margins, management of resources can be streamlined with the help of prior knowledge, proper planning and execution will increase the builder’s reputation and help in growth of the business.

Construction estimation is a complex task, but with proper tools and experienced professionals can be made easier and more efficient.

By hand, getting hard bids, using digital take-off software, hire qualified estimating firm.

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